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There is Life After Leaving Dwell Community Church

Who We Are

Leaving Dwell began from the shared experiences of former members of Dwell Community Church / Xenos Christian Fellowship. We feared, or were told, that leaving Dwell would put us outside the will of God, that we would lose community and friends, and that we would lose a life of meaning and purpose. Some of us left of our own choice, and some were disciplined out. No matter how we left, it was often a difficult time that involved the experience of a painful loss of identity and community. However, after leaving we have also experienced real healing, and found hope and joy in life outside of Dwell. We want to share that with others who have left and to those considering leaving.

Many of us have found new churches, communities, purpose, and a deeper relationship with God apart from Dwell. Others of us no longer pursue a Christian spiritual path, but have experienced a deep sense of healing and self acceptance. The purpose of this site is to help those who have been negatively impacted by Dwell, former members, current members, concerned friends or family, or anyone looking for information or support.

If you are looking to connect online you can find a Dwell/Xenos Awareness group on Facebook here:

Healing and Rest

One of the biggest needs after leaving Dwell is taking time to rest and recover. It can take a long time to feel good again. There is no right timeline. It’s okay to set new firm boundaries, protect yourself, and take time to just be. It can take a long time to even want to begin processing some of the negative experiences from your time at Dwell, and to become aware of all the ways you have been impacted. You may want to seek out counseling, learn about spiritual abuse, and read about stories of others who have had similar experiences. There is information on this site that leads to other resources, and if you have already left Dwell, we encourage you to join the private Turns Out We’re Okay Facebook group to connect with other former members.

Recovery from Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is damaging to the core of our identity. Learning more about the patterns of control exercised by “high commitment” churches can begin the process of healing. Here are some resources to help you identify and recover from spiritual abuse.