There is life after leaving dwell community church.

We who have left Dwell Community Church have shared similar fears. We have feared that to leave Dwell would put us outside the will of God, that we would lose community and friends, that we would lose a life of meaning and purpose. But we have found hope in life outside of Dwell.

Many of us have found communities and purpose and a deeper relationship with God. Others of us no longer pursue a Christian spiritual path but have experienced a deep sense of healing and self acceptance. The purpose of this site is to help those seeking the resources to leave Dwell. This site is a work in progress, please check back for new content.

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is damaging to the core of our identity. Learn more about the patterns of high control churches. Reflect on questions to consider if you have experienced spiritual abuse or are in a high control group. Read and consider outside perspectives about Xenos/Dwell.

Healing and Rest

One of the biggest needs after leaving Dwell is taking time to rest and recover. It can take a long time, and there is no right timeline. It’s okay to set new firm boundaries, protect yourself, and take time to just be. It can take a long time to even want to begin processing some of the negative experiences from your time at Dwell, and to become aware of all the ways you have been impacted.

Other Churches

Finding a different church can feel unsafe and unappealing after leaving Dwell, and many who have left Dwell have also left the Christian faith, while many others have found vibrant faith communities, and many have even become leaders in their communities. There are innumerable alternatives to Dwell, and if you contact us we may be able to recommend multiple communities in your area you might want to check out. Please feel free to message us here if you’d like to know about churches where you will be able to talk to former members of Xenos/Dwell who have pursued rich and fulfilling relationships with God and with others in other communities!

Reach Out

  • Have questions?
  • Want to talk to others who have left?
  • Need help?
  • Share your experience of life after Xenos/Dwell


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